• Question: Is there anything I can do myself, to help protect the environment?

    Asked by modemily to Antony, Becky, Emily, , Naomi on 3 May 2017.
    • Photo: Naomi Love

      Naomi Love answered on 3 May 2017:

      Reduce, reuse, recycle! Cliche but trueeeeeee! Try and challenge yourself for a day or weekend – everytime you go to put something in the bin ask yourself
      – Is there a way I could have avoided getting this?
      – If not, can I, or someone else, reuse it?
      – If not, am I throwing it away in the best place – can I recycle it if I walk somewhere else, or take it home?

    • Photo: Emily Paget

      Emily Paget answered on 8 May 2017:

      Veganism, and vegetarianism is good for the environment. If you think its hard to not eat meat all the time, you could try meat-free Mondays. Which means, you just don’t eat meat on Mondays.

      Cutting out palm oil is also a good way to protect the orangutans and cut down on climate change. Deforestation for palm oil production contributes significantly to climate change, as well as the destruction of the homes of orangutans.

      And what Naomi said.